Best Phaser Pedals of 2019 – Reviews and opinions


In the older era, music was one of the most important things that anyone could ask for. In those old times, there were no smart phones or computers or iPads which could be used to spend some time. And in those times, music was the thing which ruled. And as compared to the recent times, varieties of music in the older times were a lot. While many of them have gone missing, some of them have still continued to be with us even now.


One such variety is the use of Phaser. Phaser is mostly used in Guitars and Violins to be prior, and it basically created a string of high and low frequencies to alter the sound produced and the position of those frequency modules then were modulated to form a different range of sound effects. First time we heard about it was in Itchycoo Park by Small Faces in as early as 1860s.

Here are some of the best phaser pedals as reviewed in 2019 –

1. MXR M101 Phase 90 Guitar Effects Pedal


MXR is one of the biggest producers of phaser pedals and has been in this field for the last 40 years. And the M101 Phase 90 is one of the greatest phasers you can find.

Many artists have been using the M101 to amplify and moderate their sounds and music, and have had great experience using it. It is a very simple and basic pedal to control and produces some cool variety of sounds easily. It has basically only two controls, the on and off switch and the speed controller. The speed controller sets the pace of the frequencies. By just turning the dial, various warm analog tones and sweeping and swooshing sound effects can be produced. It can also be used with keyboards, bass and vocals as well.

Coming to the build, it has a sturdy frame built and can take many blows. Basically, it is a pedal made for standard ones.


  • Various phase sounds you need
  • Easy and limited controls
  • Not so high price


  • For some, the phase sounds provided may be less than what they need!

2. Boss Ph-3 Phase Shifter Guitar Effects Pedal


Boss phasers are mainly known for their simplicity, but with this model, they have taken a step ahead of their simplicity and have tried to provide a bit more in the sound as compared to the competitors.

On the pedal, you will easily get its identification, the sturdy shaped pedal and the heavy looking on/off switch. Coming to the controls and sound, the Ph-3 provides some really good and standard phasing sounds and also added are the vintage effects. The shimmering and swooshing sounds are common in every pedal though! You will have the control of the resonance and the dips in your hand.

Another feature you get is that you can choose from among a number of stages, like the 4, 6, 8 and even the 12 stage phaser. So, it basically a package of numerous effects in a small case!


  • Easy to use
  • Vintage phase sound effects
  • Added sound creation option


  • A bit expensive for many!

3. Digitech Sp-7 Hardwire Stompbox Stereo Phaser


Digitech have always been the type of company which will try to provide you something extra then what you have paid for and with the competition increasing in the market, their status has been decreasing a bit. But even today you will find some really quality pedals from Digitech.

The Sp-7 is similar to the Boss models in its build and quality, having a really solid built. And the controls are similar too – speed, modification, depth control and stage selection. The Sp-7 is sure to deliver the sound you expect, promise!

Different from other pedal competitors, the Sp-7 provides seven different types of phasing sounds and not just the regular 2, 4, 6 pedals etc. Through the control dial, you can swerve through variety of styles and sound effects those other pedals with seven types of phasing do not offer. By using the Sp-7 you can create various types of sound effects and still have a plenty of effects left to choose from. Finally, it may be considered a copy of Boss Ph-3, but surely provides extra options of sound effects.


  • Plenty of phaser sound effects
  • Strong and sturdy built


  • As always, a bit expensive

4. TC Electronic Helix Phaser Pedal


TC Electronics is not a name that you will hear every day, but they surely produce some great phasers which are known to push the boundaries.

Like others, it has the basic speed and depth controls, but also has the added feedback and mix controller options. It provides a variety of vintage sounds, and the common swirling and swooshing ones too! The best part is that you can travel from a warm tone to a powerful rock sound just by the turn of the switch! The importance of the feedback and the mix controls comes when you need some different dirty tones and want to blend them altogether.

Some people may be offended by the price, but the TC Helix is a mixture of Digital Technology and Analogue sound effects.


  • Wide range of phaser sound
  • A blend of technology and sound
  • Added tuning options


  • Not the price but the time one will need to understand its operation completely

5. Red Witch Analog Deluxe Moon Phaser


When you look at the Red Witch Analog Deluxe, the first thing you are going to notice is its build. It is a tough and strong machine that can withstand a lot more than Boss and Digitech.

But the fact is that Red Witch Deluxe Moon is packed with some rarely found phaser sound effects. Basically it is pack of vintage sounds and colors in a modern case.

And the surprise to be noted is that it is not just a phaser pedal, it is a tremolo pedal as well. And being a phaser, it carries on the function of a tremolo nicely too! So, in this pack, you are getting a combo of two pedals in one. And to be honest, it is one of the best phaser pedals in the market at the moment, giving tough competition to the Boss Ph-3 and Digitech Sp-7. And it must be obvious you are going to pay some extra bit of money to own it. But it is worth it!


  • Combination of phaser and tremolo in one
  • Sturdy and tough built
  • Great variety of sounds


  • It is expensive
  • It needs time for the complete idea on its operation.

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