Best Smart Water Bottles

It may not be that straightforward to find the right smart water bottles from the spectrum of the devises available, as it can appear from the outside that you can just snack into a normal water bottle with a few sensors, install a mobile application that communicates through Bluetooth, and you set it up.

Furthermore, such a device can determine how many drinks you need according to your height, weight, age, sex, active daytime activity, and weather.

Those are key factors that take your bottle of water into account, as all of the above factors will influence the amount of water to keep the tone. You need to drink more water if you are participating in a sport for a certain amount of time and the level of activity is high. You are told by an insightful container.

We have reviewed and provided comprehensive information on the characteristics and strengths of the best smart bottles.

A smart container is needed to note every day the need for the correct amount of water to be drank.

Hydrate Spark 2.0

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This smart bottle reminds you still of the need to stay hydrated. The app monitors your daily water use and Bluetooth syncs your data with smartphones (iOS and Android). Integrate the knowledge with apps and other resources to determine your daily water requirements according to the nature of your daily work. Includes. A regular cup case is used for mounting the container. The container has a convenient cover to open / close the bottle easily, and features a drinking water measuring device. The system is constantly operating without charging.


  • Heat retrieval and hydrant reminder
  • The scale of the amount of water drank.
  • Craft in design
  • You don’t have to charge


  • The liquid measurement takes place on a flat surface only

H2O Pal

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H2OPal is a smart water bottle that records the volume and the amount of water you consume automatically. It also tells you of the time to drink water

Adjusts automatically your targets, how much you have to drink your water each day, based on your daily activities, environment and profile information (height, class, etc.). To storing fresh water, a luxury container is used. Soda water or beverages like tea or coffee should not be used.

The sensations of progress are extremely important when you build a successful habit of consuming water, but keeping track of the progress in water use with your intelligent bottle greatly enhances your lives and enables you to focus on your everyday objectives. It automatically records information and send you useful reminder when you are lazy and you do not drink for daily water during the day. H2OPal solves the problem of inadequate water during the day.


  • Unique design
  • Monitor water flow
  • Comfortable collar and cover


  • There is no Android and WP program
  • The water amount calculation is only measured on a flat surface


Image result for 3. SWIGM 170Z

This smart, aluminum alloy container is already desirable for the customers due to the LCD HD touch screen. Made of pure steel, allows for the achievement of your everyday goals and progress, a smart hydration process and a healthy habit of drinking, and does not lose sight of the need for water in your body.

Water management, water protection against cold and mechanical harm tolerance is also essential.

An intelligent bottle can be used as an alarm clock, it helps you to consume your water daily and does not forget the water.


  • Controller
  • Configuration for training
  • Screening


  • The liquid measurement takes place on a flat surface only.


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In order to monitor your daily consumption of water and coffee, Ozmo Smart Bottle connects to the Ozmo app, and monitors your entire success throughout the day, week and month to help you reach your hydration objectives. The system is compatible with Fitbit, Apple Watch and other wellness devices, so that the activities need to be hydrated.


  • The intelligent Ozmo bottle is designed to make drinking water a healthy habit. Tea and coffee are tracked as well.
  • Your accomplishments and your progress are reflected in LED light: 470 ml.
  • Notifications and sensations informing you of the need for fluids to keep hydrated and sound all day.
  • Bilateral integration in your daily activities with Fitbit, Apple Health and Garmin automatically adjust your usage targets.
  • Strength of the full battery: 60 min.
  • Detects tea or coffee immediately in a container and can fill the bottles with other beverages.
  • When you charge it full-charging, the battery lasts up to 3 weeks on one charge.
  • Can be washed in a laundry.
  • Thoughtful style.
  • Computer alert: vibration


  • The liquid measurement is performed on a flat surface only

HYDRA Tech Bottle

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The newest development in the world of smart bottles is Hydra Tech Bottle. But with a look into each of the tasks in greater detail-all the apps are what we need on a laptop. This bottle is for bicycles, can be easily put on a frame and the red LED flashing light shows when water is needed. The Hydra Tech bottle is elegantly and modernly decorated and can be kept in the pool, ice or bed in a house everywhere from the beach hammock to the bedroom.


  • Once electricity is turned off, powerful light source
  • Loud voice devices
  • High versatility


  • Cheap plastic circles are on the container


Daily water intake can contribute to smoother skin, improve health overall, reduce exposure, increase brain efficiency, enhance strength all day long and decrease your weight. Every month, when someone drinks water, it saves thousands of empty calories. It is necessary and important to keep track of your success in drinking water daily in order to develop a healthy habit of drinking water.

The right intelligent water bottle is a container that is water-consuming, day-by-day-long control of your activities, lightweight, transport-friendly and mechanical immune.

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