Buc-ee’s Complete Menu, Prices, And Operating Hours

Buc-ee’s wide range of menu items and 24/7 service make it a standout in convenience-store dining. They offer everything from hearty breakfasts for early birds to snacks for late-night road trips. Buc-ee’s has big shops and clean bathrooms—some say the cleanest around. The staff is friendly and ready to help anytime, day or night.

Buc-ee’s Menu and Prices


Buc-ee's Breakfast

Start your day right with a filling breakfast from our menu. Buc-ee’s has various breakfast choices to suit everyone’s taste.

Breakfast Item Price Description Calories
Breakfast Burrito $3.99 Scrambled eggs, melted cheese, and a choice of bacon, sausage, or potato, all enclosed in a soft flour tortilla. 450-550
Cinnamon Roll $2.99 A warm, freshly baked cinnamon roll drizzled with sweet icing. 350
Kolache $1.99 A delightful pastry filled with either sausage, cheese, or seasonal fruit. 300-400


Buc-ee's Snacks

Check out the snacks at Buc-ee’s, perfect for travellers and locals. The Beaver Nuggets are a hit at $3.99. They’re sweet, crunchy corn puffs that everyone seems to love.

Snack Item Price Description Calories
Beaver Nuggets $3.99 Crispy corn puffs with a sweet coating that offers a crunchy bite. 320
Candied Pecans $4.99 Pecans coated in a sweet, crystalline glaze, offering a satisfying crunch. 480
Trail Mix $4.99 A hearty blend of nuts, seeds, and chewy dried fruit, perfect for on-the-go energy. 420


Buc-ee's Jerky

Discover Buc-ee’s great variety of jerky, all priced at $9.99. It’s a perfect, protein-rich snack for everyone, whether you’re just passing through or a local.

Jerky Type Price Description Calories
Beef Jerky $9.99 A selection of flavorful beef jerky options in various flavors. 70 per oz
Turkey Jerky $9.99 A range of turkey jerky choices, available in diverse flavors. 50 per oz
Pork Jerky $9.99 Choose from a variety of delicious pork jerky flavors. 80 per oz


Buc-ee's Beverages

After discussing the jerky at Buc-ee’s, let’s dive into their drinks and prices.

Beverage Price Description Calories
Fountain Drink $1.79 Select from a wide range of Coca-Cola products. 200
Sweet Tea $1.99 Freshly brewed tea sweetened to perfection. 90 per 8 oz
Unsweet Tea $1.99 Freshly brewed, crisp and refreshing unsweetened tea. 0 per 8 oz


Buc-ee's Barbecue


Exploring Buc-ee’s barbecue, the menu offers smoked brisket, turkey, and sausage sandwiches, priced from $4.99 to $6.99.

Barbecue Item Price Description Calories
Brisket Sandwich $6.99 Tender smoked brisket on a bun, topped with pickles and onions. 600
Sausage Sandwich $4.99 Juicy smoked sausage on a bun, accompanied by pickles and onions. 480
Turkey Sandwich $5.99 Lightly smoked turkey on a bun, served with pickles and onions. 410

Buc-ee’s Operating Hours

Buc-ee’s is always open—24 hours a day, every day. You can stop by anytime, whether on a long drive, heading to work early, or craving a late-night snack. It’s perfect for filling up the tank, grabbing a bite, or picking up essentials whenever needed. Since Buc-ee’s never closes—not even on holidays or weekends—it’s a reliable spot for anyone on the road, no matter the time or day. This around-the-clock service makes Buc-ee’s a dependable stop for travellers and busy families.


To wrap it up, Buc-ee’s isn’t just your typical pit stop. Open 24/7, it serves everyone from early birds to night owls. Whether you’re craving a big barbecue sandwich, some Beaver Nuggets, or a drink, they’ve got you covered. This place looks out for all tastes at all hours. And not just with food—Buc-ee’s prices and quality make it a go-to for families and travellers. It’s more than a gas station; it’s a trustworthy and fun place to eat.

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