Dunkin Donuts Lunch Menu [2024 Updated]

Dunkin’ Donuts, known for coffee and doughnuts, now offers a varied lunch menu. It includes hearty sandwiches, wraps, and options for health-conscious eaters. This change meets the growing need for quick, diverse meal choices. Dunkin’ promises high quality and taste across the board. Whether you’re looking for a treat or a healthy bite, Dunkin’ has something for everyone during a busy lunch hour.

Dunkin Donuts Lunch Menu

Classic Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Classic Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts’ lunch menu includes classic donuts that come in many flavors. Everyone loves the Original Glazed. The Boston Kreme is rich and satisfying. If you like something crunchy, try the Old Fashioned Cake donut. The Powdered Sugar donut is lighter and fluffy.

Item Price Calories
Glazed Donut $1.19 260
Chocolate Frosted Donut $1.19 260
Boston Kreme Donut $1.19 270
Jelly Donut $1.19 270
Old Fashioned Donut $1.19 310
Powdered Sugar Donut $1.19 330
Blueberry Cake Donut $1.19 290
Cinnamon Donut $1.19 320
Strawberry Frosted Donut $1.19 280
Vanilla Frosted Donut $1.19 280

Sandwiches and Wraps

Dunkin Donuts Sandwiches and Wraps

Dunkin Donuts isn’t just about sweet treats. They also have a great range of sandwiches and wraps perfect for lunch.

Item Price Calories
Ham & Cheese Flatbread $5.59 330
Deluxe Grilled Cheese (Ham or Bacon) with Hash Browns $5.99 490
Turkey, Cheddar & Bacon Sandwich $5.29 500
Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap $4.99 590
Snack N’ Go Chicken Wrap $3.29 320
Snack N’ Go Steak Wrap $3.29 370


Dunkin Donuts Beverages

Dunkin’ Donuts has a lot of drinks, from classic coffees to cool iced drinks.

Hot Beverages

Item Price Calories
Hot Coffee $1.89 5
Latte $2.99 120
Cappuccino $2.99 80
Macchiato $3.29 90
Espresso $1.99 5

Iced Beverages

Item Price Calories
Iced Coffee $2.19 10
Iced Latte $3.29 140
Iced Macchiato $3.59 150
Cold Brew $2.79 10

Frozen Beverages

Item Price Calories
Coolatta (Various Flavors) $2.99 250
Frozen Coffee $3.29 290
Frozen Chocolate $2.99 430

Specialty Drinks

Item Price Calories
Signature Latte (Various Flavors) $3.59 250


Dunkin Donuts has a lunch menu that suits everyone. Whether you want a classic sausage, egg, cheese croissant or a Southwest Veggie Power Breakfast Sandwich, they’ve got you covered. They offer filling sandwiches and lighter wraps, making it easy to find something no matter your hunger level or how busy you are.

Dunkin’ also has a wide range of drinks, from coffee to Coolattas, which are great with any meal. With great options and a focus on making customers happy, Dunkin Donuts is a top choice for a quick, delicious lunch.

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